Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

Where billionaires walk
the streets learning the art of
side-stepping feces.

Where the fog rolling
in every afternoon has
a twitter account.

Where twitter got a
tax break that they didn’t need,
that changed the city.

Where changing the world
is the daily pastime of
a thousand young ‘uns.

Rushing in to stake
their rights to eternal fame
and digital gold.

Where capital raised
and ventured for gain disrupts
all opposition.

Where startups pursue
their mission in a city
that grew out of one.

Where workers commute
three hours to speed up websites
by half a second.

Where a tyranny
of nimbys decide if you
live in their backyard.

Where so many earn
so much yet live so little,
perhaps life’s a bug.

Where virtual dreams
don’t ever intersect with
real nightmares on streets.

Where the best minds of
my generation play god,
not knowing he’s dead.

Where young people did
congregate in their thousands
to change the world.

Once they sang free love,
bringing out of control war
machines to standstill.

Joplin, Baez, the Dead
and so many else brought a
whole nation alive.

Next they came to show
that loving your fellow man
or woman, ain’t sin.

That the freedom to
love is the most important
freedom we cherish.

Now they come to make
it one-click to pour hatred
on fellow humans.

Forgetting that good
vacillates but evil, it
just accelerates.

Where the west comes to
an end, yet the east is not
begun, ocean away.

Where the east crossed the
vast chasm to land, seeking
gold and a new life.

And stayed back to build
tracks so iron carriages
could span the nation.

The magnetic pull
of this miniscule city,
bridging this chasm.

Fusing east and west
in summers of love to dance
to a different beat.

Intuition mixed with
rational action, the yin
and yang of our minds.

Where one day perhaps
humans will live freed of all
their identities.

For San Francisco
ain’t just a city, it is
the state of my mind.

©️ Siva Raj, 2019

Poetry is a feeling I use words to catch before it vanishes.

Poetry is a feeling I use words to catch before it vanishes.