I couldn’t be bothered less

Photo by Massimo Rivenci on Unsplash

The trees are gone
The birds are dead
No child has ever heard of rain
I couldn’t be bothered less.

Polar ice is water
While ozone is history
I choke on the air I breathe
I couldn’t be bothered less.

The moon is full of junk
Mars is a sewage dump
The Taj Mahal is of black marble
I couldn’t be bothered less.

Humanity in the next century
Would be a scarce commodity
If man continues to say
“I couldn’t be bothered less”.

(This is the first poem I remember writing — I wrote this when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, in the late 70s’, for a contest organized by The Hindu, a south Indian newspaper. I think I either won it or came runner up.)

©️ Siva Raj, 2019

Poetry is a feeling I use words to catch before it vanishes.