Photo by Alejandro Cartagena 🇲🇽🏳‍🌈 on Unsplash

Swigs a bottle of whisky
Pert ass perched upon smooth red hydrant
Stockinged legs crossed
Shortening short skirts
Waiting for the signal to change
For the crossroads to clear
Reinforced boxes of steel make way for humans.

He lifted his tight derriere
Swinging by as he swigged his bottle clear
Filled with himself, radiant.

©️ Siva Raj, 2021

Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash

They tore my mother apart
Ripped her into a billion shreds,
While she lay quietly in bed.

Broke her ebullient spirit
Limb by bloody limb
Until death spiral she couldn’t climb.

Sliced her breast into a thousand bits
Pulled every shred of her hair
Until her skull was entirely bare.

Tore apart her living flesh
Until only maggots had space
To crawl out of her face.

But who held her down
Wrists tied to stop unrest
Made it so very easy,
For her heart to be ripped outta her chest?

Twas her own children milord
Ancient and modern, very rich and very poor.
Twas her own children who made it so easy,
For her heart to be ripped outta her chest.

©️ Siva Raj, 2021

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Dry humping in dark rooms
Daddy has issues with decorum
Pockmarked silvery disc lounging
Parklet lady searches belongings
Sideshow swirling through the streets
Stretchy pants curving down to feet
Rumbling cycles fill the distance
Randy hands smacking your sins
Eyes slit through masked smiles
Ears sieve self protective lies
Skeletons rattle in tight shut closets
Screaming to be let without regrets
Keys to chains clenched in bony fists
Crazy they cried as I lanced that cyst.

©️ Siva Raj, 2021

Image by JayMantri from Pixabay

I poured two mugs of coffee
Toasted slices of bread
And only then realized
You were missing from my bed.

Your smile had left the foyer
Your laughter nowhere found
Hair strands tangled in my sheets
Whence desire played unbound.

I opened up the window
To see if you had gone
The clamor of your footsteps
Muffled by the dawn.

The absence of your presence
The silence of your voice
Permeates my residence
As I cling to every noise.

©️ Siva Raj, 2021

Image by free stock photos from from Pixabay

Thunder and lightning all around
Brilliant raindrops of blistering sound
Tall men in low cut dresses
Short guys in denim sans tresses
Disappear into bright recesses
That serve you bread on smiling faces
Nostalgic embrace of familiar nuisance
Resounding in repetitive radiance
People stopping in their tracks
Transfixed as the sky gets a whack
Relentless the sound marches on
Fire and brimstone all over town
Celebrating the birth of freedom
One day we’ll rule our own kingdom.

©️ Siva Raj, 2021

Image by Kohji Asakawa from Pixabay

Fighting gravity to light up the sky
Clustering colors, brilliance at night
Raindrops of fire, descending to earth
Brief milliseconds to shake up the world
Silent display and thunderous echoes
Light and sound distanced in time
Multitudes marveling endless delight
Relentless spectacle radiant surprise
Cavalcades wondering which way to turn
Afraid to miss what sounds all around
Does the night end when the sun rises up
When the music stops, the fireworks die out?
Or does the night end when we can all see
That the earth has its way, through you and through me?

©️ Siva Raj, 2021

Photo by iam_os on Unsplash

Tiny people climbing big mountain
Little leaves fluttering mighty wind
Blue home yellowing sun set
Shaky streetlight flickering passer by
Fearful sirens cautioning dark night
Vengeful cyclist trundling street car
Tentative bus faltering stop light
Sudden silence whispering intimate secret
Pulsing laughter forking dinner plate
Fancy footwear cluttering uneven step
Musical voices muttering sudden cheer
Deep purple floating marine sky
Discrete noises merging concert hall
It’s quiet so far but I’m not outside
No tempest stop from stepping out the door.

©️ Siva Raj, 2021

Image by SuicideOmen from Pixabay

Naked like new born babies under stars bright
enough to light a thousand nights.

Running naked through rain drenched trees
born again and breaking free.

Clothed only in the winds that swirl around our torsos
hiking up paths paved with dung from horses.

Naked as we run hand in hand
through gauntlets of sprinklers eager to kiss our behinds.

Only a hat to protect you from the lecherous sun
eager to penetrate your vulnerable skin.

Naked as your fingers trace whorls of rich
pleasure across parts so sensitive to your touch.

Every layer of protective armor
melting under the warm embrace of your ardor.

©️ Siva Raj, 2021

Photo by Stavrialena Gontzou on Unsplash

The sky was a water color splotch
of pale silver and deep blue
The children ran in trepidation
as white froth raced at them
Shrieking in horror and glee
delight amplified by fear
Vast oceans of white wetness
consumed by soft sand
As we gazed at yachts cackling
gulls over distant horizons
Standing at the fringe of this
singular world of water
Will the next wave kiss our feet
or drag us deep into its chasm.

©️ Siva Raj, 2021

Siva Raj

Poetry is a feeling I use words to catch before it vanishes.

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